By Steve Dypiangco in partnership with Camp Bonkers

Camp Bonkers = Summer Sanity!

As my kids’ school year comes to an end, my wife and I have been scrambling to figure out what to do with our 7 and 8-year-old daughters during summer break (please send help!). How will we get work done and stay productive while giving the kids ways to truly enjoy the summer cooped up at home?

We did a lot of research and then we realized the answer was right in our own home: Camp Bonkers. Super easy to access on YouTube, Camp Bonkers is a free, virtual camp-like experience where elementary school kids can unleash their imaginations, enjoy wacky fun, and leave parents to chill (thank goodness). 

Recommended for Kids Ages 6-10.

Easy Activities & Inspiration

Hosted by talented and quirky camp counselors, Camp Bonkers videos engage kids through a mix of DIY activities and playful games across music, animals, sports, crafts, games, STEM, and more. 

Make-It Monday

About: Monday’s are all about DIY crafts and creations with host Magical Julie (MJ for short). Kids can follow along as MJ teaches them how to make all kinds of cool stuff, like your very own memory bank.

What Kids Learn: Arts, crafts, cooking, drawing, and more.

Favorite Part: Making chocolate pizza (yummo!).

Safe for Kids

As a parent I always want to be sure my kids are watching content that’s safe and appropriate. Recommended for kids ages 6-10, Camp Bonkers provides good clean silly fun in a safe and wholesome online environment free of profanity or adult themes.

What-A-World Wednesday

About: On What-A-World Wednesdays, camp counsellor Ana digs into a wide range of world events, with the help of fun guessing games and quizzes. 

What Kids Learn: Sustainability, environment, global trends, history, languages.

Favorite Part: Crafting musical instruments.

Silly + Free Summer Fun

With 35+ camp-themed videos already available and new episodes uploaded weekly on YouTube, Camp Bonkers is ready to welcome all kids itching for summer fun.

Fun-Time Friday

About: Fun-Time Friday’s are all about having fun and letting loose, as host A/V Club President Arlo Nosewhistle presents SNL-esque sketch comedy segments.

What Kids Learn: Creative thinking and self-improvement. 

Favorite Part: Wonky words of the week.

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