Fun and affordable ideas to get kids exercise at home while schools are on pause.Free physical activity resources

Free fitness for all! 🧘🏽‍♀️

Growing bodies and minds need plenty of exercise. It helps your kids burn their natural energy and keeps them healthy and fit – as well as entertained and happy. It gets you moving too! But how can your little ones stay active while having fun during this challenging time? Well check out our top, free recommended resources for physical activities for your kids. From simple tips to high-level action plans, it’s all here. Huzzah!


1. Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities

Recommended Age: 0-6

Focus Areas: Sesame Street-themed activities for toddlers.

About: A terrific, kid-friendly resource. Your children’s favorite Sesame Street characters will help them get moving with interactive videos, printables, articles and workshops. So move along with Elmo and count your heartbeat with the Count – Ha ha ha!

Favorite Activity: Grover’s Playground Workout



2. PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media - Physical Education

Recommended Age: 4-12

Focus Areas: Exercise videos and lesson plans.

About: The Physical Education component on the PBS Learning Media site takes a deep dive at how kids can improve their physical health with movement, exercise and fun. You can find handy support materials attached to the videos that will make planning activities a lot easier. Phew!

Favorite Activity: Fitness Bingo



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Fun Activities Kids Can Do At Home


3. Online Physical Education Network

OPEN - Online Physical Education Network

Recommended Age: 4-12

Focus Areas: Physical education for the home.

About: Want the tools to create an active home? OPEN’s Active Home resource center provides you with everything you need. Here you’ll have access to a bounty of cool activities, from jump rope rhymes, dance party ideas, to being a happy bean bag (who doesn’t want that?).

Favorite Activity: Movement Made for Now


4. NHS Change 4 Life

NHS - Change 4 Life

Recommended Age: 0-8

Focus Areas: Disney-themed activities.

About: Though this is a UK resource, it’s an excellent site for North American kids too. From Disney-inspired activities, like Anna and Kristoff’s Sled Chase, to Buzz Lightyear’s Space run – there’s fun to be had for every youngster! Also included, exercise tips for differently abled children.

Favorite Activity: Find Forky



5. Hip Hop Public Health

Hip Hop Public Health

Recommended Age: 5-12

Focus Areas: Hip hop dance tutorials.

About: Using hip hop music, HHPH sets out to promote and improve health literacy among youth. They’ve just compiled a collection of fun, dance breaks to encourage health and physical education at home. Right on!

Favorite Activity: YAAAS Bounce



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6. Active For Life

Active For Life

Recommended Age: 0-12

Focus Areas: Creative physical activities.

About: A Canadian not-for-profit social initiative, Active For Life helps parents develop and foster their children’s physical literacy. The site also serves as a free, practical resource for playful activities for your young ones.

Favorite Activity: Cardboard javelin



7. UNICEF Kid Power

UNICEF Kid Power

Recommended Age: 3-12

Focus Areas: Sports games for all ages.

About: It goes without saying, kids and parents alike want sports games to be fun. UNICEF has a long, long list of super-fun, sports-related resources and advice. You can also purchase the UNICEF Kid Power Bands (it’s like Fitbit for kids) and pair it with their free mobile app.

Favorite Activity: Karate games for kids


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